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Battlemap - Pirate & Ghost Ship $7.95
Publisher: Black Scrolls Games
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/13/2012 21:46:53

You get two sailing ships for the price of one in this nicely-done pack by LZW. As in all LZW products, the artwork is quite good. Due to the nature of the maps, this pack doesn’t include isometric views, nor would they be especially helpful. LZW did, however, include exploded views to help you see how the decks stack up together. You can choose to print the ships with or without water, and with or without a grid in both cases; you cannot, however, get rid of the cannon. The ghost ship is essentially the pirate ship redressed with glowing green furnishings. Unfortunately, LZW hasn’t yet taken steps to improve the English in the instructions and annotations; a product published in English needs to use good English. In the ship diagrams, for example, the bowsprit is mislabeled as the “bowstrip.”

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Creator Reply:
Dear Christopher,

Please download the Pirate Ship again, we've updated the description with our friend, Rich Crotty, who lives in Seattle and his English is much better than ours ;)
There is no bowsprit in the new version.
And yes, you're right about our English, we started to update all of our products a few weeks ago.

Thank You!

Antal Kéninger
Lord Zsezse Works
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Battlemap - Pirate & Ghost Ship
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