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Psi-Watch: Zero Issue! $8.99 $6.00
Publisher: Skortched Urf' Studios
by Angelo C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/06/2012 18:05:29

This is a pretty good supplement for anyone trying an Iron Age supers campaign regardless of setting.

The high points of this book are the Codename Generator and the new armor pieces for female characters, they are hilarious. I'd almost like to see the Codename Generator released on its own.

A good point of the book is that it really makes you want to play in the Psi-Watch setting which the Psi-Watch campaign books didn't really. The art is nicely done although those that have a dislike of Poser may find it a turn off as that makes up the large majority of the artwork. The campaign modifiers are also an interesting concept but they're kind of a mixed bag; some are really interesting, like Combat Simulation Opening which lets your players declare their terrible defeat was really a training hologram and others just don't come off well like Alpha Males, which lets male characters add their STR mod when making interaction checks against women if they're being sexist about it, which I don't think anyone would be okay with at their table.

Perhaps a problem with the book is that there is a lot of added material (talents, feats, classes, occupations, templates etc.) which, depending on the gm and players, can make things difficult. It also frequently references a number of other products in the Otherverse line (mostly the Fursona and Synthetic Heroes products) which if you are trying to be budget conscious can be a bit annoying.

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Psi-Watch: Zero Issue!
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