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10 Luckbringer Magic Items $0.99
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Joshua G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/03/2012 01:47:51

10 Luckbringer Magic Items opens the entertainment right off the bat, with a great bit of humor for the comic book fans out there on the credits page, 'nuff said!

Artwork is the blade featured on the cover, re-used once inside, and the covers for the other two Rite releases regarding the luckbringer class. Of the 7 pages here, three are dedicated to the ten new items, with the rest being tied up in the usual ways. Format follows the standard dual column, with a portrait oriented page layout. No bookmarks, but honestly, when you are only dealing with three pages of material, bookmarks are not necessary, so no harm no foul.

Auspicious Assault lets you roll an additional attack die, with the benefit of additional succeses past the initial adding a set die to the damage for the attack. The weapon itself is described as always being plated in precious metal, and bearing symbols of good fortune. Taking out that one line of description, and the construction requirements, and this weapon instantly turns into a feat or concept, but doesn't feel like an item so much as an ability shoehorned into the collection. At most a weapon ability, not a weapon. The Baldric of the Prepared mind is a belt worn sash style over the shoulder, and is typically worn as a means of carrying a weapon. The cool thing here is it allows you to utilize a small assortment of weapon-centric feats, but unfortunately due to a copy/paste snafu the limitations per day of usage are mixed up with another items, and we do not have a clear ruling on how many times a day the baldric works. Boots of Adventitious Timing make sure you are always standing in the right place, at the right time. Additionally, they give you a move action along with your standard action during the surprise round. Cape of Risk is the classic shiny distracting cape...sorry, this one did nothing for me. The Gloves of Fortunate Deeds are pretty fortunate indeed, giving you an automatic 20 on a small list of skills a set amount of times/day depending upon the power level of the gloves, as well as allowing you to take 10 on the same list of skills, even when distracted.

Luck's Aegis is an interesting suit of armor that shields its wearer with a 50% miss ratio, and that includes spells. Now before people start screaming about balance, relax, it comes with a negative to hit and a limit of per/day usage. Still, very cool armor. There's a very good chance I simply did not understand Ring of Fate's Unraveling, as reading over its descriptor and abilities, I'm left scratching my head. As I understand it the ring holds 7 gems, each of a different type, and this is a profoundly disturbing effect causing targets to save vs. a potential negative luck penalty on dice a ring having 7 stones will screw people up? I've got to be missing something here, or the wording is not making the author' idea clear enough..not sure which.

The Ring of Peril brings us the first true grammatical hiccup, a word used in present tense when it should have been past...not a huge issue, just pointing it out. Symbol of Good Luck grants a bonus to any one D20 roll, with a full bonus if used before the roll, half if applied after, and you can grant the bonus to a party member, as long as your character is there with said party member and could feasibly help them. Which brings us to the Third Eye of Karma, the ultimate “one last blow before I go” item. A pendant on chain that activates upon a set list of parameters. Upon activation, you get one last attack upon your attacker before their damage/attack is finalized within mechanics, as long as you actually can attack them.

Other than the few minor glitches I mentioned, editing was good. While not every item jumped to the top of the cool new kid status, there were a few shining examples (I'm looking at you Luck's Aegis), most of them are still cool enough to make a Luckbringer player a happier gamer. Am going with a 4 star rating for this offering from Rite.

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10 Luckbringer Magic Items
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