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Apoc Toys: Issue 04 - The Poison Jungle $1.99
Publisher: Occult Moon
by Charles S. I. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/03/2012 14:44:50

The third line of generic adventures packs by Occult Moon. As you would expect from the title this line is set after a nonspecific cataclysm has destroyed the world as we know it. The world and the humans that that populate it are quite different than what came before.

The PDF is well laid out and generously bookmarked for easy navigation. The art work, by Ashe Rhyder is suitably suggestive of the world as described by Quinn Conklin and Gary Montgomery. There are six scenarios presented in the Possibilities section. Each presents a possible adventure for a party and provides a basic description of the events and then presents three possible plot twists to complicate things. The People section details four NPCs that are in some way included in either the description or twists of the scenarios described above. They are described in detail and given a bit or history. Stats and abilities are described generically so they can be translated in any system that the GM wishes to use. The imagery that is described is evocative and harrowing and puts you right into this nightmare world of the day after tomorrow. An excellent resource for any Post Apocalyptic game!

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Apoc Toys: Issue 04 - The Poison Jungle
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