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Left-Hand Path $13.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Philip F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/19/2012 23:04:58

Largely unimpressive. I bought the PoD version of Left-Hand path and can't say for certain that it was worth it. This book is at best informative and at its worst Tedious. Ascetically it's a disappointment aside from the cover art most (all?) of the interior art is borrowed from other sources unfortunately it's not very impressive. The text in the PoD version is tiny and the headers for each paragraph are blurred and faded, making them almost impossible to decipher.

As for the actual contents, for me the Fiction sets the tone of the book and what's presented doesn't seem entirely coherent. I think it had something to do with (Legion) which is mentioned all over the book and finally detailed at the very end. In other WW books there's fiction for every chapter, not so in Left-Hand path. It starts with a choppy perspective and flows right into the Introduction. This should be considered it's own chapter with how winded it is and it reads something like High School history book. Which is what the Intro is, basically a history and explaining which each of the Left-Handed Paths are, even so this entire section could have been cut down into a glossary with space given into the books few saving graces.

Chapter 1 is all about the Apostates, but it also takes time to mention what the different left handed paths are; again. The Apostate get a few new Merits and there's a few pages about what the orders think about them. Spoilers! They don't care much for their existence. The only redeeming aspect of this chapter is the Legacy provided at the end. The rest is negligible.

Chapter 2 covers the mad. But I honestly had to look it up again while writing this because I had forgotten what the chapter was about.

Chapter 3 brings us to the Scelesti. It takes 59 pages to get to a point in the book were it becomes worth reading. Chapter 3 doesn't merely expand upon the Abyss worshipers it peels back the curtain of the fallen world and saturates the pages with a preternatural inky blackness. The new abilities that grant the Scelesti control over paradoxes may be the closest we'd ever get to a full Abyssal Arcana but their undeniably awesome. The only think I found lacking, is I would like to have a new Legacy or two. Or perhaps attainments for already existing Scelesti groups.

Chapter 4 is the Reapers. Most of this chapter is about the Tremere Liches, which is a good thing. The chapter gives character reasons to want to be part of the Liches and opens up whole new slew of possibilities. The inclusion of the Houses was a nice throwback to CWod's V:tM, this includes the nod of the head to the Nagaraja. The only fallible thing about his chapter is that it seems too short. Really most of this books space would have been better suited to the Tremere.

Is it worth it? It's no Tome of the Mysteries. But you could do worse.

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Left-Hand Path
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