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SciFi20 Player's Guidebook $10.00 $6.00
Publisher: QuikLink Interactive, Inc.
by Richard C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/11/2013 22:25:54

This is Hunter Gordon's revision of chapters 1-7 and 11 of the Traveller's Handbook. As with the other books in this series, there is little difference between the original 2001 text and this updated version from 2011. In any case, it is absolutely fabulous and a must for everyone interested in playing or learning about a sci/fi modern setting for the d20 game system.

Roger L. said it all (google translator):

I see on my screen for a short time, the player Guidebook for SciFi20. This system is nothing more than a pre-drilled on the basis of the original Traveller D20 rules. The Players Guide Book, interested players all the details for creating a character.


The present copy of my book is the source PDF file. The cover of Bryan Gibson is a good handmade Science Fiction Art and shows floating soldiers in an urban environment.

The interior of the source book is purely black / white, but has a clean record and pressure and is thus easy to read. However, the institute does not seem to have been quite clean, as there are points in the flow rate, where you just hooked and wondering what the author wants to tell the reader. Repeatedly loosens artwork to the lyrics, which are in turn broken up by tables also list. The tables are clear and easy to understand thanks to explanatory words.

With 128 pages, it is not too extensive.

The hard facts:

• Format: pdf • Publisher: QuikLink Interactive, Inc. • Language: English • Price: U.S. $ 6 (approx. 4.35 EUR)


As already indicated, it is in the content of the book to the rules of character creation. Since we are talking of D20, we're talking about in this particular case of the quasi-D20 D & D 3.0, which of course had their little problems when it comes to the balancing of skills and feats. Feats are special abilities that made a class to something special and can pick up the character of the average citizen.

In addition to the rules for the creation of a role will focus on the first pages of the basic rules, as they are generally applicable to most situations in the game, taught.

When creating a new character, we choose not only a race (there are not only human), but also their home world. We will not find anything under the offered classes and worlds, the rules also brings us a kit, we build ourselves a race along with their planet.

Planet resulting from racial and specific career paths and training, on how we should. Also, depending on the choice we get access to specific skills. Next, select the class - and ready. Attributes can be bought or rolls of points, similar to what happens when skills and feats. The latter exists in stages increases.

If we decide to create a level 1 character, that was it. Now we can still spend money on equipment and are then ready.

However, we want to produce a more experienced champion, there are certain ways to control its development. The opportunities for career or education are proposed to us, we can read how this affects the age, knowledge, and social status. As is known from D & D 3, characters may take several classes gradually and have her in every class level. In addition, we still distinguish between core (core) classes and prestige classes. While the former is almost necessarily the original class must be, so the first one has proven that prestige classes are as it were the finishing touch of the experienced warriors of the universe.

About the sense or nonsense of multi-classes I want to write here is not, any more than on the impact on the balance of a game. Emphasized, at this point that supports this SciFi20 possibilities for character creation as well as development.

A detailed description of Skills and Feats adjoins the career options. The Sourcebook is terminated by an array of diversity of technological knowledge and levels of technology available in each stage.

Value for money

Finally, we get something for less than EUR 5 a very detailed description of the character creation. 128 pages of the knowledge presented in a very compressed and does not lose himself in in drivel. Who plays Traveller20, who has a good reference book in their hands, rather, on the screen.


SciFi20 is nothing but Traveller20. The book contains all the relevant rules are for the player and it also explains the basic rules again. The book is clearly structured, formulated clearly and relieved every game master to questions about the development and the development of characters.

Bonus / DLC

Our review

Appearance 3.5v5 (good text layout, black / white inside, color cover) Content 4V5 (detailed information on the development of characters) Value for money 4V5 (fair at 128 pages) Total 3.75v5

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SciFi20 Player's Guidebook
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