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by Jenette D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/25/2013 20:47:58

Future Armada, the gold standard for starship deckplans unveils another excellent ship, this one similar in size to the Lakota, and with a hull design that fits in perfectly with the Serenity/Firefly setting.

The previews speak for themselves to the products quality, and this one has a couple new features, it takes advantage of the "layers" feature of PDF's, allowing users to easily hide cargo/shuttles, grid lines etc, for custom printing of the product.

Also of note this ship no longer offers up d20 style stats, and instead features a 1-5 star rating on things such as offensive capability, durability, maneuverability, relative cost, etc, letting GMs easily convert the ship to the rule system of their choice.

Over all the formatting changes help give the deckplans a streamlined feel and make it easier to use then ever before, and best of all, don't add any additional cost to the product.

5 Stars all the way.

On a side note this ships appearance/contours (Like some others of the future armada line) are also streamlined enough to make an excellent submarine for sea faring sci games like Blue Planet; or any ocean based adventures your Shadowrun group may get involved in.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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0-hr: Renegade
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