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Leagues of Adventure #01: Dreaming Spires $1.50
Publisher: Triple Ace Games
by Alan K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/25/2013 21:57:48

Dreaming Spires is an adventure for Triple Ace Games' Leagues of Adventure RPG.

The adventure is set in late 19th century England, and has a structure and feel not unlike that of the first Robert Downy Jr. Sherlock Holmes movie. The Globetrotters are asked by an aristocratic family to seek out their missing son who was expelled from his studies at Cambridge, and in the process stumble on a sinister plot that could shake the foundations of the empire!

The adventure is loosely organized into "episodes", and the episodes into scenes. The episodes are roughly in order of the way they are likely to occur, but there is some flexibility built in; players can easily surge ahead in the plot and skip earlier scenes, and perhaps double back to ones that they might have missed.

The adventure incorporates a lot of actual historical locations and a few historical figures. The author weaves these details into the backstory so they become somewhat important. She certainly did her research here (or is an expert on the history of Cambridge); there were many places where I wondered if she was just creating fanciful details but found out they were real, like the Cambride Apostles and Russian Cosmosism. This makes for a flavorful and realistic-feeling backdrop to the adventure.

Of course, this is written for steampunk game and you will find the requisite wierd science inventions in there.

Though a strong adventure, I do think it is best for experienced GMs. There are places that I had to improvise to keep things on track and conceive where certain important NPCs would be at certain times where the adventure is not explicit; some sort of dramatis personae, NPC overview, and/or relationship map would have been helpful to this end. Also, though the plans and techniques of the NPCs are well detailed, for the most part, descriptions of their physical appearance was lacking, a detail my players quizzed me about and had to make up on the spot.

Overall, it was a fun adventure to run in the action-investigation steampunk mold, and I can't wait to see the next installment in the series!

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Leagues of Adventure #01: Dreaming Spires
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