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by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/28/2013 10:13:46

If you have a need for a good quality spaceship with detailed background and excellent plans (including battlemaps for miniature use), take a look at this. The Renegade class of starships, we are told, was designed as a multipurpose vessel capable of hauling cargo, moving passengers, exploration, reconnaissance, and light combat duty... just the sort of thing the average party of star-faring adventures would love to get their hands on, whatever ruleset you are using.

The background information is copious, written in a 'future history' style that brings the whole vessel alive within the context of the alternate reality your characters inhabit. There are detailed views from different angles, pictures of the ship in use (on orbit and landed), detailed deck plans with descriptive notes... and includes a dedicated kitchen, something often left out of starship designs but something that would delight one of my Traveller characters who doubles as chef and jump-drive technician! Even the couple of vehicles - a shuttle/life boat and a wheeled rover - are treated with the same level of detail, the same care and attention (and lots of pictures).

And that's just the main booklet you get in your download. There are two further books, one being a set of 'map pages' that can be printed, trimmed and used whenever you need a large scale map of the habitable portions of the ship - combat, especially if you use miniatures, springs to mind. The other has the same floorplan in one massive image - if you want to use a virtual tabletop program to show your players where they are, or have access to a commercial print facility it may be of use.

Just lovely. Just the sort of ship in which to travel the galaxy, getting into all kinds of adventure...

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0-hr: Renegade
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