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The Hideout $1.99
Publisher: DramaScape
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/11/2013 06:09:20

There's plenty of scope here. Basically it's a workshop/hideout that could be a base for just about any modern, near-future or superhero character, particularly one of a technical bent. It could serve as a hangout for a group of characters or even as someone's home if they don't mind roughing it a bit. Naturally, you can choose whether it is the player-characters or NPCs who occupy the place.

Drawn to a near photo-realistic standard, you get 3 multi-page versions (plain, hex grid or square grid) as well as a giant single JPEG image suitable for virtual tabletops or if you have access to a commercial poster printing facility, and a neat 360° view option that's excellent if you want to give your players a good look at the place through their characters' eyes.

Games that could easily find a use for this range from Spycraft and Leverage through Night's Black Agents, any number of superhero games or anything from a thriller genre. It may not be stylish enough for a vampire, but at least there are no windows!

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The Hideout
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