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EABA v2.01 [augmented pdf] $20.00
Publisher: BTRC
by Santtu L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/25/2013 11:31:01

Call of Cthulhu? Works. Hard SF? Works. Zombie killfest? Works. Dungeon crawl? Works. Steampunk? Works.

Genre-specific rules often produce best results, but so far EABA v2 has been pretty accommodating, no matter what I've thrown at it. It can be quick, fast and cinematic or it can be detailed, gritty and realistic, or quick, gritty and loose, or... And it comes with its own powers/gadgets build rules. Want to design a main battle tank? You can. Magical greatsword? No problem. Powered armour with six different weapon suites, kinetic shielding and limited AG? Go right ahead.

I can only recommend you to buy it. Even if it is for the power design...

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EABA v2.01 [augmented pdf]
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