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Future Armada: Midgard Variants $8.50
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by Jim Y. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/28/2013 16:06:49

Don't get me wrong. These are fantastic plans, and the price point is great. But if you're getting these for a VTT, the big sets are kind of a pain to set up. I found some of the sections did not line up for me on this one, but I still made it work. I'm sure it's a piece of cake if you're printing up stuff, but this one was a little more difficult for VTT. If you're running Map Tool or the like, the smaller plans are a lot easier to set up because there's big JPG files included. Not the case with the bigger sets.

All that said, I still give it 5 stars because you can't find great plans like this anywhere else on DTRPG. I have purchased nine sets of these plans, and these are the first ones I've had an issue with and it's because of what I do with the plans.

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Future Armada: Midgard Variants
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