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Ambition & Avarice: 1st Edition $7.00
Publisher: Chubby Funster
by james a. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/15/2013 15:11:26

All the choice you want in playing without the slowdown of clunky rules

I read this in Beta and really liked it, and now that its in the !st edition i like it even more.

dungeon throws are a very unique thing, everybody has them at different levels, things like locks, hide, break. its because everyone is NOT a hero in this game, they are adventures.

it has the standard attribute listing that your familiar with in games we have all played for ages, and a little twist on saves

player choice, 10 races 5 civilized and 5 barbarian combine with the multitude of different classes to give you a stunning 80 choices to play, ever want to play a goblin cultist, you can or a dwarf shamen, easy.

the equipment guide is easy and too the point with lots of options and helpful guidance on costs and equipping with some cool insight on light sources and encumbrance

im a fan of individual initiative and here we have it with a d10 used, so those bonuses come in handy and the fight isnt over with whoever wins initiative .

different spells or slightly reskinned spells make the magic users feel fresh and vibrant and not everyone starts with the same spells so there is some variety, no more everyone magic missle everything , and the spells take some thinking to use.

can i use this product with all the other OSR mods and adventures, YES, very easily because its a skin your own monster kinda thing, no pages and pages of the same old thing, but clear and easy guidelines on how to make cool and fresh monsters to populate your dungeon

but even with all of that, this game has some of the best advise i have read on how to play and run games, written in a style that you can understand and is friendly, not the dry textbook rules of so many games

its only 98 pages and prints friendly, yes not some 476 page monster book with 12 page random this and that charts, its concise and too the point, unlike my rambling here

check it out, at the price its a steal and if you really like it, look up the community over on G+ and get in a game or try it out with your home group for something fresh and different

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Ambition & Avarice: 1st Edition
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