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Bryson Springs Pay What You Want
Publisher: Hebanon Games
by Hamish C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/31/2013 11:00:48

Get this scenario. I can't state that anymore clearly, than at the very beginning. This system-less scenario is worth triple it's weight in gold. Since it was first released on, I have run this scenario three times, for three separate groups, each of varying role playing experiences and the response from each group has been a healthy mix of praise and fear. The system-less approach enables you to utilize any game system your group is most familiar with (Call of Cthulhu, in my case) to deliver a superb narrative written by Caleb Stokes.

The scenario is broken down into 4 sections; general setting information, info for the GM, character suggestions, and Locations and NPCs with a couple of great pieces of art from Ean Moody. Each section provides a great framework for the GM to work with, and the players to explore. While some may find the Open setting off putting compared to more linear scenarios, it makes for a organic free flowing adventure that can take all the random shenanigans your average group of players can throw at it (e.g. inciting the people of Hooverville to raid the nearby Bryson Ranch) and still draw to a satisfying conclusion.

A couple of problems I have run into while preparing and running this adventure; establishing the historical setting, and length of the scenario. As a Brit expat in Asia, I knew very little about the American Dustbowl, Okies, and Hoovervilles. However, a bit of research easily solves this and helps flesh out the mood of the scenario. The average amount of time to finish Bryson Springs for my groups was roughly 6-7 hours, which would normally not be a problem as we would split it into two sessions, but for some reason all three groups would always demand to see this scenario through to it's conclusion in one full sitting!

In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, get this scenario.

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Bryson Springs
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