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Publisher: Hero Forge Games
by Colin V. H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/23/2013 14:56:28


  • Unfathomably flexible
  • Great balance of simplicity and complexity
  • Supports new and veteran players--and GMs--with ease
  • Allows for large groups of players despite its recommendations.
  • Free--as in beer.


  • Non-combat skill system is a bit underdeveloped. And by a little I mean very.

Other Thoughts: The price of "free" does not do this product the justice it deserves. I am fairly new as a GM and player, but the world of Roleplaying Games has fascinated me for years, and I've been a part of quite a few playing circles to fuel my hobby as a creative writer. I've seen everything from casual farces to hardcore DnD, (even one very weird pseudo-erotic LARP) and I have never come across a game as fitting for the general player-base as Heroes Against Darkness. The game itself is incredibly flexible, and the GM guide is helpful and spot-on. The game format is simple enough for new players to grasp and the rules are diverse enough for veteran players to enjoy themselves. Rules laid down in the manual play very well in both strict and casual play-groups (I have both), and I'd be willing to venture that it is suitable for nearly any audience a GM might encounter.

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Heroes Against Darkness
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