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Larani: Order of the Checkered Shield $5.98
Publisher: Columbia Games Inc.
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/05/2013 11:31:16

Based in Menekod Castle, widely held to be the key to the Kingdom of Kanday if not all Western Hârn, this order of knights and men-at-arms is the militant arm of the Larani faith, being sponsored by the Order of Hyvrik.

Members of the order are easy to spot, with red and white checked (chequey of twenty-two gules and argent if you're a herald) shields and white surcoats (knights have a checkered border, squires wearing plain white ones), with red cloaks. They are one of two fighting orders devoted to Larani, a state of friendly rivalry exists between them and the Order of the Lady Paladin... but there is somewhat less harmony between different factions within the order itself.

The history of the order, well woven into the history of Hârn itself, is laid out as well as the current situation. The present grand master or Chabla is introduced, a formidible fellow.

Like many such orders, the members follow a schedule of prayer, meditation, worship and combat practice. Both men and women may serve as combatant members, serving a period of training as squires before achieving knighthood - unless they have already been knighted before joining the order. About one third of the order are knights, the rest being men-at-arms. Holdings are quite extensive, but there also is provision for wandering knights - knights errant, I suppose - who seek adventure outwith the confines of the order's establishment. This may be a good option for player-characters interested in the order.

As always, the detail is excellent and leaves you ready to play a member of the order or involve them in the day to day activities of your plot.

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Larani: Order of the Checkered Shield
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