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The Deductionist Base Class
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Publisher: Total Party Kill Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/09/2013 09:43:29

Why does your character go adventuring? If at least part of your answer involves the word 'curiosity' this new base class might be for you - especially if you like skill-based characters but do not wish to be constrained by the traditional role of a rogue or a bard. The aim is a skill-rich character capable of great versitility, one which can be developed in a wide range of directions depending on player desire... with a core concept of the 'smart detective' who often features in fiction.

Opening with some engaging flavour fiction, the base class is introduced with an overview that includes role, reasons why one might adventure, alignment (must be lawful, apparently) and the fundamental details that you need to create a character of this class. The note on religion is particularly interesting: deductionists tend to be agnostic or at least not a regular worshipper of any deity although they may well acknowledge their existence; but some are fervent devotees of a particular faith and put their powers to use in its service.

There's all the usual detail: advancement, special abilities, etc. that you would expect, including a neat one called Discipline which allows you to choose a particular area of interest about which you are extremely knowledgeable. This is reflected by a bundle of skill bonuses and feats over and above what you would normally gain in character generation or through advancement. There is also a useful ability called Exploit Weakness which can be used to figure out how best to gain an advantage over an opponent, be it knowing the best place to kick him or to figure out a complex sequence of events that ends with him in difficulties.

Another ability called Deductions is used to develop your own particular style - maybe you tell anecdotes that are apposite to the situation or maybe you can trick enemies into announcing all their plans... The number you have increase as you rise in level, and most can be taken in any order although some require you to already know another given one. Each is described in copious detail so you will be equipped to role-play it well, along with understanding the game mechanics necessary to make it work on the table top.

An example fully-developed NPC and a whole bunch of feats specifically designed for Deductionists are also provided, as well as equipment and magical items. And there's more, archetypes and alternate class features too. The whole class has been carefully devised so that it will fit into any style of game from traditional fantasy to pulp style gunslingers.

A really good new base class, well worth a look!

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The Deductionist Base Class
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