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The Deductionist Base Class
$14.99 $6.99
Publisher: Total Party Kill Games
by Jason L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/30/2013 10:33:00

The Deductionist base class is...strange. Not bad strange like an animated mustache but the kind of strange where I don't quite know where this fits into the average Pathfinder game. It features the kind of skill use and knowledge you might expect from a Bard but without magic and with a slew of other abilities to confound his foes and assist his allies.

The class reads like something you might play in Call of Cthulhu investigating the deep recesses of the mind and the universe until his sanity inevitably wears away. I can see it being great fun in an investigation-heavy AP like Carrion Crown and definitely in Council of Thieves but I don't know where it would fit in something like Reign of Winter or Wrath of the Righteous. For what it is it's excellent. Thematic and full of flavor and fluff. But it's niche as hell. Deep in it's niche.

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The Deductionist Base Class
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