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The Darkest Age
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Publisher: Great Lakes Games
by Scott L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/05/2013 22:58:22

The Darkest Age is a creative take on the popular zombie apocalypse genre. I really enjoy horror and fantasy games and I was happily amazed by the setting and concept. It feels like a survival horror video game in which strong heroes face impossible odds. There is palpable dread the moment you being reading, with well-written tales sprinkled throughout, setting the stage. The art and graphic design are well done. I especially like the period woodcut style art. The writers have smartly made use of the popular d20 system making it accessible to many players. I didn't have to teach my group to play, which made it so much more enjoyable. The character classes are plentiful. They all fit well within the setting and have clear purpose within a party. The writers turned the classic D&D classes on their heads and made them their own with some interesting additions. I am especially fond of the Midwife and the Apothecary. Both are entirely new; at least I've never seen them before, adding an unique flavor to the setting. Some players might be put off by the extremely low magic of the setting. However, it makes sense, since the game takes place in an alternate history of our own world. There are no wizards or flashy spells, making hand-to-hand combat and smart tactics the core of the play experience. Luckily, my gaming group are combat lovers, so the combat is never boring. That's not to say the game is completely without the mystical. The rites and relics presented within the game are nice additions, keeping 'magic' a bit more realistic. Plenty of new feats and a few new prestige classes round out the package. The Darkest Age is a worthy addition to any role player's collection.

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The Darkest Age
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