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    One Foot in the Grave $2.99
    Publisher: Creepy Doll Studios
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/13/2013 11:08:31

    OK, this is different. There are plenty of zombie games around, but in this one the live humans fending them off are... wait for it... senior citizens! Will their zimmer-frame assisted dodder be faster than a zombie shuffle?

    The set up is simple. The seniors are residents in an assisted-living facility, and have decided that watching TV is more interesting than playing bingo. Then one of the aides turns up, having been attacked by zombies on the way to work, and things start to get lively...

    The game system is simple too. It is turn-based, with both zombies and seniors having but one action per turn. Neither is capable of moving fast enough to do more than that. For this is a game in which the physical limitations that accompany old age play a major part - doing anything is tiring for the seniors and so they have to portion out their energy carefully to survive. Worse, virtually nothing comes with automatic success. Young whipper-snappers may be able to scamper upstairs without a thought, but even the simple things can be a challenge once you get old enough.

    The task resolution system uses handfulls of dice (all D6s), and includes a neat mishap mechanism - a roll of 1 on a special 'Ooops!' die which can result in anything from the urgent need for a bathroom break to mishearing something or falling over.

    There is also a creative use of bingo cards - a roll that comes up all sixes allows the player involved to roll two dice to generate a number, and everyone checks their bingo cards for that number. If in the course of the game anyone fills a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) they call BINGO and at that point the military storm the building and kills everybody - zombies and seniors alike - apart from whoever called BINGO.

    All this explained, next we find out how to create our Senior characters. That's quite straightforward and descriptive. There is a similar and even more simple section for the GM that explains how the zombies function. A word or two about the assisted living facility, and you are good to go.

    Neat concept, nicely executed. Some - perhaps older gamers or those who have elderly relatives - may find it a little distasteful, but it's fun if you don't take it all too seriously... and after all, not everyone who encounters a zombie horde is going to be a combat-ready sprinter!

    [4 of 5 Stars!]
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    One Foot in the Grave
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