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The Haunted Dive
by Thilo G. [Featured Reviewer]
Publisher: Gamer Printshop
Date Added: 12/07/2018 14:58:34
The Haunted Dive An review This adventure clocks in at 91 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page ToC, 1 page introduction, 1 page SRD, 1 page back cover, leaving us with 85 pages of content, so let’s take a look! Okay, so first thing you should know, is that this module uses the rules from the Starship, Stations and Salvage Guide. It has a ton of supplemental rules included, but does not reproduce these. It is possible to run the adventure without owning said book, just to make that clear. The module spends a lot of pages on rules, so let’s take a look at them first: The supplement comes with 3 new expansion bays, which do focus on a leitmotif of the adventure (see SPOILER-section below) and includes stats for luxury escape pods. This also ties in with the new ship defenses. There is a computer augmentation that clocks in at level 10, which allows the user to add Intelligence bonus to other functions in the ship, which can be pretty excessive. There is a ni...

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Foe Folio for B/X Essentials
by Thaddeus M.
Publisher: Cross Planes Game Studio
Date Added: 12/07/2018 14:43:33
Foe Folio for B/X Essentials Excellent production value and layout in a digest style like B/X Essentials. Splendid Full color art by David and Melissa Guyl of Awful Good Games and Rick Hershey of Fat Goblin Games. To have every monster so beautifully illustrated is a real surprise for me at this inexpensive price point. Monster descriptions are utilitarian and short, in the same succinct style as monster entires in B/X Essentials Monsters. My only quibble would be that the decorative woodgrain margins and stained parchament style page background will lead to excessive prinker ink use if a hardcopy is desired. A less graphically intense plain B&W layout could be offered to remedy this. A very solid neat little monster booklet from Mark Craddock. Well done sir!...

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Conan: The Monolith Sourcebook
by Joshua F.
Publisher: Modiphius
Date Added: 12/07/2018 13:55:21
Conan: The Monolith Sourcebook Up to the normal beauty of all the other Conan books but lacking in substance that is directly applicable to the tabletop RPG. This book would be best described as an expansion/how to for the board game. There are some new enemies for DMs but beyond that it is mostly mission/story ideas if you are playing the RPG. If you like the board game that it is linked to then it is a great addition with a variety of new scenarios for you as well as a detailed how-to that will help you write your own adventures and missions for the board game. Beyond that, it is pretty and I'm happy to have it but it won't be adding much to my ongoing Conan campaign beyond giving us something fun to do when we want a break from the role playing....

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Ready to Roll - Rules & References
by Rebecca H.
Publisher: Sword of Odin
Date Added: 12/07/2018 13:45:44
Ready to Roll - Rules & References The rules are easy to understand while being very fun. I particularly enjoy the side comments that the author makes to the GM. It really helps gives more context and as a newer GM, helps me understand what my goals are. This is a worthwhile game to try out. I imagine I'll be enjoying many of the various story lines with my friends!

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Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master
by Robert S.
Publisher: SlyFlourish
Date Added: 12/07/2018 11:02:08
Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master I really love this system. This book and the workbork are well worth the small investment. They both effectively lay out an effecient way to think about gamemastering and create encounters that build upon each other naturally to help you keeo your players engaged and focused! Great work Sly. Happy I backed your KS.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Of Sound Mind (Revised 3.5 Edition)
by Colin C.
Publisher: Fiery Dragon
Date Added: 12/07/2018 09:52:12
Of Sound Mind (Revised 3.5 Edition) My best friend ran this module for us back in high school, and it stuck with us like nothing else over 15+ years of gaming. The author Kevin Kulp went on to write and design for Pelgrane Press later in his career. Of Sound Mind is a diamond in a sea of 3.5e Dungeons & Dragons modules.

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L'gat's Tome of Amazing Creatures Volume 2
by Sarah R.
Publisher: Power Up Gamers
Date Added: 12/07/2018 09:24:49
L'gat's Tome of Amazing Creatures Volume 2 While the monsters and extra magic items presented in this tome have the creativity and flair of homebrewed creations, they appear well thought out and balanced for most encounters. I really enjoyed the flavor and story elements that the creatures offered. The idea of giant flying squids is definitely intriguing- now my players have a chance to be genuinely terrified! The artwork in the tome is fantastic and the stat blocks are convenient and accessible for any DM looking to throw new creatures at their players. Excited to see how these amazing creatures will play out in future games! I definitely got a lot of mileage out of the first volume and this one is even better! Highly recommend! ...

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Daring Comics Role-Playing Game
by Chris R.
Publisher: Daring Entertainment
Date Added: 12/07/2018 09:10:37
Daring Comics Role-Playing Game AWESOME!!! HUGE fan of FATE CORE and CHAMPIONS RPG. this game does a great job of combinimg the two it seems. It's crunchier than basic FATE CORE but set up nicely to make your own four color champion! Only request I have is HARDCOVER! :)

[5 of 5 Stars!]
D&D Rules Cyclopedia (Basic)
by Emanuele P.
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Date Added: 12/07/2018 06:38:58
D&D Rules Cyclopedia (Basic) Unfortunately the book arrived with some damage on the hardcover. Maybe it was during the transport.

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Forbidden Lands Core Game
by Matthew T.
Publisher: Free League Publishing
Date Added: 12/07/2018 05:30:17
Forbidden Lands Core Game I would recommend it for two audiences. For many around my age, the team at Free League have created the game were wishing for back when we were twelve. All the possibilities that the games of the early eighties offered us, are here finally realized. Intuitive mechanics make combat gritty and heroic, magic thrilling and even resource management entertaining and fun. For people starting out in the hobby, this is an excellent value box, that gives you everything you need (apart from dice and a pencil) to build your very own world of adventure. I was a Kickstarter backer and so have had early drafts, completed PDF's and now the physical product for a little while, so I may be predisposed to liking this game. And I am. But my expectations were high, and I have not been disappointed. Yes, obviously I would recommend this game. We played a one-off scenario, and my players wanted more. One of the starts running his own campaign on Monday. Design Physical versions are sold a boxed game...

[5 of 5 Stars!]
B1 In Search of the Unknown (Basic)
by Corey R.
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Date Added: 12/07/2018 04:35:57
B1 In Search of the Unknown (Basic) One of the first adventures ever printed for D&D and did not age well. Not much of a story and basically just an empty map to stock with creatures. Unless you want some deep nostagia or just want to complete a collection, skip it.

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Arcane Artifacts & Relics
by Amadrino G.
Publisher: Palliven Project
Date Added: 12/06/2018 21:52:12
Arcane Artifacts & Relics DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS! When I create the worlds that my players immerse themselves in, my goal is for them to feel that they are a part of a living breathing world. The best way I know to do that is with details, details about everything. So that is what I look for in add-ons or modules. This book has so many! This is not a book full of generic +1 +2 magic items, or mundane fetch quest hack n slash adventures. The details that have been worked out are so well thought out. You get history, lore, and overall design of the world that has been created. The items in this book are so well composed, giving you so much to use to intrigue your players. These Relics and Artifacts are so much more than tools, they have character. They come with the description of what it looks like (along with really nice artwork), detailed abilities, lore, it's known current status, and even roleplay hooks that help you insert them into the game. The items alone stand to make amazing adventures for ...

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In Darkest Warrens
by JM H.
Publisher: Trollish Delver Games
Date Added: 12/06/2018 21:34:41
In Darkest Warrens This is a great little dungeon crawl game - remarkably complete considering it's all on two sides of paper, including a starter dungeon.

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DDAL05-14 Reeducation (5e)
by Jeremy X.
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Date Added: 12/06/2018 20:11:21
DDAL05-14 Reeducation (5e) I rated this module more highly for the plotline than playability. It's fun to advance SEER's plotline and even bring her into opposition to characters, particularly for players / characters who have been through much of Season 5. On the downside, as other reviewers have said, there's so little difficulty that it erodes the enjoyment. When I ran it, the party was Strong-- six PCs and APL 14-- but the only time I made them sweat even a little was using four banshees instead of two (they were still never in serious danger, and none of the banshees survived more than two rounds, but banshees are a good way to make even Tier 3 PCs without Con save proficiency feel nervous). I added an extra Dreamweaver in the first fight, too (and the party had a moment of shock when Greater Restoration didn't immediately work, though they had enough Prayer Beads, Clerics, and Druids that it was a minor setback). For the final fight, I added a Champion and improved SEER's capabilities a bit (e.g.,...

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Bokafesh’s Never Ending Dungeon
by Customer Name Withheld
Publisher: Little Red Goblin Games
Date Added: 12/06/2018 18:46:21
Bokafesh’s Never Ending Dungeon Bokafesh's Never Ending Dungeon, is a rather unique product. In over thirty years of gaming, I've not seen another product with this premise – it caught my eye. That alone makes it worth the price of admission. The premise is rather neat. The dungeon begins with a finite size, and has certain properties. By exploring new areas, the dungeon grows. A new sector is generated (choose your options, or use a combination of the charts for inspiration or go entirely randomly selected features), and it retroactively changes all the existing sectors. The adventure/campaign can be adjusted easily for anywhere from a single session of play to as long as an extended campaign. It was designed for a ninth level party, but has adjustments for lower and higher level characters. There are a number of plot hooks to ensnare our characters into the story. Exploration will reveal the nature of the dungeon. The characters begin within their first sector, and interact with the environment and...

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